Innovator Profile: Catalytics Inc.

By December 12, 2017Innovators

Names: David Lee, Alex Ianovski, Ming Li, Noura Balbaa (co-founders)
Business: Catalytics Inc.

1. What is your involvement with the HHS Innovation Exchange?

We are the co-founders of Catalytics Inc. At Catalytics, we are developing a cognitive analytics platform that will help hospitals and clinical teams better serve patients in our healthcare system who have unique, more complex needs. We collaborate with experts at Hamilton Health Sciences to capture more relevant patient information in generating our predictive analytics. IBM also plays a pivotal role in providing access to cognitive technology as well as the technical expertise in the design and development of our analytics platform.

2. What’s the biggest challenge in healthcare that you’d like to tackle?

With a growing patient population and continuous decline in funding, healthcare institutions are under constant pressure to deliver more with less. While all patients are ensured high quality care, this care comes at a different cost for different patients. In Hamilton, patients who access healthcare services the most account for a small proportion of the population, but the cost to provide their care represents a large proportion of hospital expenditures. We aim to use IBM’s Watson Analytics platform to help identify these patients and support hospitals in improving the health outcomes and reducing the cost to support this patient population through personalized care strategies.

3. What is the most rewarding part of the work that you do?

Innovation has no manual. Rather, it is propelled forward with problem solving, creativity and improvisation. The most rewarding part is looking back and seeing what the “white board” idea has become, and the knowledge we have gained. This is especially important because this translates to the potential of making a meaningful impact on our healthcare system.

Seeing the enthusiasm from HHS and IBM to collaborate and adopt innovations has been very rewarding. Knowing the people working on the future of our healthcare are such forward-looking individuals gives us the confidence that our healthcare system will only improve for generations to come.

4. Where do you look for inspiration to help fuel your ideas and energy at work?

Our inspiration comes from our multi-talented team. The diversity in the background of Alex (Biomedical Engineering), David (Health Sciences), Noura (Kinesiology), and Ming (eHealth) provide unique perspectives to tackling multi-faceted issues. In sharing our different views, our mix of expertise across both healthcare and technology helps drive our ideas forward.

5. What’s the one thing you think that great innovators do differently?

Great innovators are highly collaborative. The HHS Innovation Exchange fosters such collaboration between healthcare experts and technology experts to realize the value that data analytics can bring to healthcare. Realizing that innovation doesn’t happen alone, collaboration is therefore key to being innovative in solving the pressing challenges health care faces today.

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