GeneBlueprint a LiON’S LAIR finalist

By September 26, 2017General, Projects

One of the first projects to be invited into the HHS/IBM Innovation Exchange is a LiON’S LAIR finalist. LiON’S LAIR, an annual competition presented by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and Innovation Factory, awards $100,000 in cash and in-kind resources to the business that best demonstrates product excellence and commercial viability.

GeneBlueprint is a biotechnology start-up that uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze clients’ genes and develop personalized fitness and nutrition plans. It’s led by President and CEO, Paul Mercante and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Guillaume Paré. Dr. Paré is also director of the genetic and molecular epidemiology lab at Hamilton Health Sciences’ (HHS) Population Health Research Institute. He developed the the gene sequencing algorithm used by GeneBlueprint.

“They understand the impact of health promotion and disease prevention.”

“With this renaissance of the “empowered patient” through data-driven decision making, we hope to help people to improve their health, and ultimately require less support from our hospital system,” says Mercante, describing the driving force behind the business.

“It’s wonderful to see them recognized,” says Ted Scott, Chief Innovation Officer and Acting Vice President of Research at HHS. “They understand the impact of health promotion and disease prevention, and that’s something we as an organization are really passionate about.”

The winner of LiON’S LAIR will be announced at a gala event on September 27th.


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