Stopping sepsis in its tracks through research & innovation

By December 2, 2016Projects

Sepsis is a deadly infection complication that, left untreated, can be fatal. Clinicians and researchers at Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) are tackling this deadly condition through unique new research and technology that has already shown results in minimizing sepsis rates in our hospitals and, in some cases, saving lives.

Dr. Alison Fox-Robicheaud, critical care physician at HHS is at the helm of this work, a large component of which has been the development of the Hamilton Early Warning Score (HEWS). This unique digital monitoring system can detect early signs of sepsis or diminishing health and alerts the patient’s care team so that they can quickly intervene. A research study surrounding this approach has already proven its success in improving patient outcomes and, for some, reducing length of hospital stay.

Advancement of the HEWS tool is one of 14 projects currently underway as part of HHS’ collaboration initiative with IBM Canada.